Blue Breitling Replica is a blue Breitling Replica Watch for everyone. From the front, the dial of the V7 Blue Breitling Replica Watch is blue without any error. This color is very difficult to reconcile, and it is extremely difficult for the V7 factory to make it. The mirror surface is made of sapphire material, imported sapphire lid, the transparency is very clear. Using double-layer anti-glare coating, the reflection effect is very good, and it is clear that it can facilitate daily reading time.

The size and thickness ratio of the LOGO font on the V7 Blue Breitling Replica Watch are very good, and the three-dimensional sense is very strong. The printing size ratio of the calendar window font and the week window font at the 3 o'clock direction is the same as that of the genuine product, without deviation. The pointer is designed as a sword-shaped three-needle, and the hour and minute hands are also filled with luminous materials. The special feature of this watch is the week display at 12 o'clock, with a fan-shaped curved metal frame and a white and blue weekday English display in it. It is easy to read the time and is very eye-catching.

The thickness of the side case is 12.8 mm, which is consistent with the genuine one. The material is 316 steel, which is polished using CNC technology. The shell lines, lug curvature and chamfering are very delicate and round, and the metal luster is translucent. The lugs of the lugs are very natural, and the curve of their shape is almost impeccable. The screw-in crown can effectively prevent dust penetration and has excellent waterproof performance. The coding next to the lugs is also synchronous and authentic, and the small details of this V7 Blue Breitling Replica Watch are still very well done.

The back cover is designed with a dense bottom. The polygonal bottom cover is polished very smoothly. The lettering patterns on it are very clear and image. believes that the degree of reduction of the movement is already very high. The genuine one is polished by the ETA movement, and the V7 Blue Breitling Replica Watch is polished by the seagull machine. The base plate of the movement and the Geneva pattern are also made, even if Compared with the disassembly, the movement will not glance at the fake carving of the Geneva pattern, which can realize the synchronous instant jump of the week calendar, accurate and stable. Links breitling

V7 Blue Breitling Replica Watch and genuine straps use pure imported French cowhide to achieve the same color, effect and texture as the original. The cost of a cowhide is several times that of ordinary cowhide in the market. The color and workmanship of the strap are the same Yes, the texture is great. The lettering on the inside of the strap, the font size and the depth are the same as the genuine ones. The buckle is re-opened and revised many times to be consistent with the original three-dimensional and polished effect. In many details, the V7 has reached the standard benchmark. The dial is fitted with a long metal scale, and the sides are filled with white luminous materials, and the time can be easily read at night. The luminous effect is also very good.

Friends who know Breitling know that most of them are diving or chronograph sports watches. Formal watches are still rare. This V7 Blue Breitling Replica Watch perfectly realizes a seamless span between leisure and formal wear, allowing you to use it on any occasion. Also calmly. Low-key without losing the grade, and greatly reduces the embarrassment of hitting the watch. Thank you for watching, please visit for more knowledge fake breitling.